UCLA Chinese-American Students and Scholars Seminar

UCLA-C3S is a non-profit, professional platform for academic-related research and career networking at UCLA . Managed by a group of non-paid, dedicated UCLA Ph.D student volunteers, it originates from Chinese Biomedical Peer Seminar (CBPS), established to enable Chinese graduate students at UCLA to share their research experiences and promote scientific discussions. The new UCLA-C3S program aims to provide academic-related education, collaboration and career opportunities to all Chinese-American students and scholars at UCLA and beyond.

UCLA-C3S seeks to benefit all Chinese-American students and scholars at UCLA from the following broad aspects:

  • Promote academic communication and collaboration among Chinese-American students and scholars across majors at UCLA campus.
  • Strengthen academic communication and create collaboration between UCLA and other institutions, especially those from China.
  • Offer undergraduate and young graduate students close look at diverse and world-leading research work, and encourage their engagements in scientific research.
  • Facilitate sharing of academic-related career opportunities for UCLA Chinese-American students and scholars.


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